How I can help.

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I can assist and advise with a wide variety of problems, on a wide range of subjects:

Personal legal situations, including divorce, children issues and local authority disputes

County Court proceedings

Employment problems

Financial disputes and recovery

Business and commercial trouble

Where I am most useful is in a situation where you have no legal representation but need to take action or respond to it; in some cases where formal action needs to be taken, you may be eligible for legal aid and I can help you to secure it, as well as your peace of mind.

What does it cost?


About me.

jcI’ve worked in business for over 30 years; during that time I have managed multi-national companies, fought employment disputes, turned around failing firms and dealt with various legal and financial challenges along the way.

Today, I operate as an entrepreneur, restaurateur, property developer and business consultant.

Alongside this busy career, I have also had to find the time to represent myself through ten years of family law issues, right the way up to full trials against teams of solicitors and barristers. If you are facing this nightmare, unrepresented, don’t worry – I have probably trodden the same path personally, so I know what you are going through!

I can act to assist, advise and support you, even during court proceedings where you are forced to represent yourself, as a McKenzie friend.

Please take note – I am not a qualified solicitor and whilst my advice and support is well informed, none of the services I can provide are intended to replace the professional services normally provided by a legal expert. I’m here to help when you are unable to engage the assistance of a lawyer, and where appropriate ensure that you get professional representation.